Cleaning Services

Every facility has different needs, and we will customize a plan based on your specific company’s needs. Our standard services include dusting, vacuuming, mopping, surface cleaning, trash removal, and disinfection of bathrooms. We are available to serve you daily, biweekly, monthly, or we can customize a schedule for you. 

Porter Services

We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job that comes our way. With FlowerHill Facility Services, clients know exactly what to expect - an office that looks and feels professional ALL THE TIME!

What We Cover

  • Lobby Management: We provide complete lobby management services, so everyone who walks into your location feels immediately stress-free. The specific services provided will be based on your needs.

  • Restroom Maintenance: Restocking and keeping bathrooms fresh and clean.


  • Spill Clean Up: We'll monitor for any spills and quickly clean the floor displaying proper signage for safety.

  • Trash Removal: We'll monitor all the trash cans and quickly remove the garage to the dumpster or other larger disposal area. Unfortunately, not everyone throws away their trash properly and we will remove all trash no matter where it's found and in a timely manner.


Spray Disinfection

Electrostatic spraying disinfection is ideal for maintaining a healthy facility. It is especially important anytime the health and safety of your environment is compromised. It can be done daily, weekly, monthly, or as needed. The process works like a powder coat paint where a disinfectant is applied with a low-pressure sprayer and charged particles adhere to every surface, including crevices and undersides.
This process provides 100% coverage and is ideal for all facilities such as schools, airports, work camps, manufacturing, and healthcare buildings. Electrostatic disinfection services should be a part of your plan for infection control and prevention and part of your regular cleaning services.

Viruses It Kills:

  • COVID-19
  • Influenza
  • Norovirus
  • Many Others

Facility Maintenance

Carpet Care

We offer spot removal and deep cleaning for all carpet types. Spending time on carpet maintenance can pay off for a company, in the long run, prolonging the overall life of the flooring.

Handyman Services

Free up your time and alleviate frustrations by choosing us to do the odd jobs and upkeep around your facility. We would be happy to take care of those projects ranging from light jobs like changing the light bulbs to replacing other fixtures.

Window Washing

Let us help you by bringing the Texas sunshine into your business and raising the endorphin levels of your employees by keeping your windows sparkling clean.

Hard Floor Care

Flooring makes a great visual impact on employees and customers alike. Our goal is to help our customers protect that investment and to help them always put their best face forward by showcasing well-cleaned and cared or flooring.