Check out what OUR clients say

"I would recommend the business to anyone needing commercial space cleaning. It's nice to know when you go into your office, you'll have a nice clean space serviced by FlowerHill Facility Services."

-Mark Overcash

"I would highly recommend FlowerHill Facility Services. Their staff is professional, courteous and very thorough on cleaning and disinfecting. If there is ever a problem, they immediately take care of it and it never has to be addressed again. FlowerHill Facility Services is always punctual and flexible if you need to change your cleaning days or times. They go above and beyond with customer service and they also have competitive pricing."

-Lisa Blagg

"My overall experience with FlowerHill has been excellent. They make our floors look brand new. It took us a long time to do it by ourselves, and when we hired them, they made our floors so beautiful, and the restaurant actually looked a lot brighter. But I would absolutely recommend them to any of my colleagues or anybody else who owns a building or needs their floors clean. They do a great job, and they're very conscientious."

-Joe Ewasik