The Importance of EPA and CDC Approved Cleaning Products

Cleaning products can be found everywhere today, but not all of them are safe to use in your office, facility, or home. Some products contain harmful chemicals that are unsafe to have in your home especially. If you’re concerned about what you’re using in your office, facility or home, make sure you check the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) websites to verify that what you’re using has been approved by these federal organizations. FlowerHill Facility Services only uses EPA and CDC-approved cleaning agents in their cleaning processes to keep you, your employees, and your patrons safe.

Protecting Human Health and the Environment

Federal, state, and local government regulatory agencies have designated certain chemicals as hazardous to human health and/or our environment. These agencies have created rules regarding how these chemicals are used in homes, schools, businesses, and other places we spend time. It is all of our responsibility to do our part to protect ourselves, family members, co-workers, and visitors from harmful chemical exposures in our environments at home or work.  

By following the rules and regulations implemented by these government agencies, you protect not only your health but the health of those that come into contact with your business, such as employees or customers. You also protect human health and the environment by utilizing safe cleaning products or by hiring a cleaning company that uses safe products in all of their cleaning services.

FlowerHill Facility Services offers janitorial services and facility upkeep using EPA and CDC-registered cleaning products to ensure the safety and good health of both humans and the environment.  

Effectiveness of Cleaning Products

By law, all commercial cleaning products sold in America must meet specific guidelines set by both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). These organizations have been compiling research on ingredients found in cleaning products for decades. 

Today, these two agencies mandate that all cleaning products sold to consumers be reviewed for safety before they hit store shelves. If you work in an office or business environment, you are likely familiar with commercial cleaning products like floor cleaners, carpet cleaners, hand soap, and disinfectants. Commercial cleaning products are used throughout our schools, hospitals, and other public buildings as well.

FlowerHill Facility Services only uses CDC and EPA-approved cleaning products when cleaning facilities and businesses to ensure the protection of employees and patrons alike. Using only CDC and EPA-approved cleaning products ensures that commercial businesses, such as offices, are efficiently, effectively, and safely cleaned. You won’t have to worry about your employees’ or customers’ safety with S&T’s cleaning processes, procedures, and EPA and CDC-approved cleaning products.

How EPA & CDC Product Approval Works

All commercial cleaning products must go through rigorous testing to ensure they are safe for commercial use. Best practices are to purchase and use products that have been verified by both agencies, as these provide assurance about how safe a product is as well as its toxicity levels. If you need help finding commercial cleaning products that have been tested and approved by both agencies, visit either the CDC or the EPA’s websites.

There is a lot of testing and studying that goes into determining whether a cleaning product is effective and safe as well. To learn more about the CDC’s mission as well as cleaning recommendations and approved cleaning protocols, go to

The EPA works to protect the public’s health and the environment’s health. Through testing and rigorous studies, the EPA determines the safest yet effective cleaning products for use in commercial spaces. To learn more about the EPA’s laws and regulations for cleaning products, go to

What About Non-EPA, Non-CDC Approved Cleaners?

Make sure your cleaners are approved by either or both agencies. If they’re not, then you need to know that your cleaning products may be unsafe for humans and the environment. Non-EPA or non-CDC-approved cleaners generally have dangerous concentrations of chemicals in them or may not have enough effective cleaning agents in them to do the job they are intended for. This means that they can be harmful to your health and to your commercial space.

On top of that, non-EPA or non-CDC-approved cleaners don’t undergo any testing for effectiveness in disinfecting and sanitizing. So if you want to stay safe and ensure maximum effectiveness when it comes to commercial cleaning products, stick with a commercial cleaning company that can guarantee they use EPA and/or CDC-approved products like Flower Hill Facility Services.

Finding a Commercial Cleaning Company

If you’re operating a commercial space, chances are you want to keep your customers and employees safe. Keeping your building clean can not only improve customer experience it can improve employee productivity and job satisfaction as well with the added bonus of keeping everyone safer and healthier. By hiring a professional cleaning company, you can ensure that your business is being cleaned using best practices in the industry for disinfecting against bacteria and viruses as well as the latest technology available. A good commercial cleaning service will be able to do everything from sweeping floors to cleaning, disinfecting, and shining countertops. Plus a lot more!

FlowerHill Facility Services offers commercial cleaning and facility upkeep for government buildings, industrial sites, banks, office buildings, dental offices, medical offices, churches, and construction site trailers. By hiring a professional cleaning service for your facility, you can ensure that your commercial space is being cleaned by trained professionals using safe, EPA, and CDC-approved cleaning products. Through training and education, FlowerHill Facility Services cleaning technicians know the best practices and products to utilize to maintain safety and cleanliness in your place of business.

Taking Responsibility for Safe Cleaning Practices

Carpets, floors, countertops, furniture—almost every surface in your commercial space has been touched by countless individuals. That’s why it’s important to use safe products that leave surfaces clean, disinfected, and contaminant-free. By choosing EPA-registered or CDC-approved cleaning chemicals, you can ensure that your facility is free from bacteria, viruses, molds, and other harmful microorganisms.  This will not only protect your employees but will also help protect your guest’s and customers’ health.   

To find a safe, effective commercial cleaner, ensure that they utilize CDC and EPA-approved cleaning products and follow industry best practices. You may also ask the commercial cleaning company if they use CDC and EPA-approved cleaning products, and equipment such as electrostatic spray disinfecting. It’s also wise to ensure that the cleaning company you choose is licensed, insured, and bonded and that the cleaning technicians are trained in effective cleaning practices.

FlowerHill Facility Services checks off all of these boxes so that you can feel comfortable and safe in your commercial business. If you are seeking janitorial and commercial cleaning services in the North Richland Hills or the Fort Worth, Texas area, Flower Hill Facility Services is here for you!

Call S&T For Your Business’ Cleaning

Hiring a professional cleaning service for your business is a simple way to boost employee productivity, maintain a safe work environment, and protect your employees and clients. FlowerHill Facility Services follows agency-approved best cleaning practices and only use CDC and EPA-approved cleaning products and technologies to ensure maximum safety without sacrificing effectiveness. 

Call FlowerHill Facility Services today at (817) 422-4740 to schedule janitorial services or building maintenance services for your facility or office. The FlowerHill team will create a customized plan for your commercial space based on your business’ needs on a daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, or even a customized schedule. 

Start with a commercial cleaning company that is run by local owners who understand what your facility needs today. FlowerHill Facility Services offers efficient, safe, and effective cleaning services for any commercial space in the Fort Worth, Texas area.

FlowerHill Facility Services serves the North Richland Hills, Texas area, including Fort Worth, Keller, Southlake, Colleyville, Roanoke, Hurst, Bedford, Grapevine, and Flower Mound. Learn more about FlowerHill’s services at


Why Good Indoor Air Quality is Important in an Office

The air quality of an office can have a huge impact on the productivity and health of the employees who work there. What’s true in the office is even more important in other workplaces like factories and schools, where students or workers spend all day breathing the same air over and over again. Unfortunately, indoor air quality is usually an overlooked topic. In this blog, you will learn about the importance of good indoor air quality as well as ways to improve air quality in your commercial space.

Why Good Air Quality is Important

Employees spend most of their day in offices, so it’s important that these buildings maintain good air quality. The EPA estimates that indoor air can be significantly more polluted than outdoor air, and office buildings are often responsible for a lot of poor indoor air quality. This can be caused by several different factors: people smoking indoors, inadequate ventilation systems, or machinery.

But no matter what’s causing poor air quality, it can cause some serious health problems for employees—especially those with asthma or allergies. If you’re concerned about your building’s air quality, here are some steps you can take to improve it.

Keeping the Space Clean

Keeping the office clean improves air quality, which leads to more efficient work and better health. A clean office is also more inviting than a messy one, ensuring that you’ll get the best out of your employees and clients every day. Keeping a clean office shows that you care about their comfort and health, boosting morale and productivity. Finally, having good indoor air quality (IAQ) can help prevent issues like allergies and asthma among employees.

A good commercial cleaning service can help keep your office clean and healthy. A pro will come by at the frequency of your businesses’ choosing to take care of routine tasks like vacuuming, dusting, and mopping, leaving you with more time to focus on important matters. They’ll also handle deep-cleaning duties upon request so that your office stays cleaner over time for your employees and clients.

Clean Air Filters

One of the most cost-effective ways to improve indoor air quality for your employees is by replacing all old air filters to clean, new air filters. According to the World Health Organization, indoor air pollution can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air pollution and often contains volatile organic compounds, such as formaldehyde and trichloroethylene. Asbestos, radon, carbon monoxide, and other pollutants can also find their way into indoor air.

Dirty filters don’t just reduce airflow; they also make it harder for heating and cooling systems to work properly. Cleaning or replacing filters regularly will help ensure that you maintain healthy indoor air quality throughout your office building. You will notice an immediate difference in your air quality once you replace your old, dirty air filter with a clean, new air filter. Air filters accumulate dust, dirt, mold spores, bacteria, and other particles as well as keep fresh air from entering your home or business.

If you have allergies or asthma then having clean air filters is essential to prevent further complications. Clean air filters will keep allergy and asthma triggers at bay so that your employees and patrons are healthy.

Stay Up To Date On Cleaning Practices

To ensure that your employees are working in a safe and clean environment, it’s important to stay up to date on all cleaning practices. From using disinfectants to removing allergens from your office space, a good cleaning schedule will help keep your employees healthy and focused on work. Remember: You are responsible for providing a safe place for them to do their best work.

Commercial cleaning professionals know the best products and tools to use to keep your office space clean, therefore improving the overall air quality of your office or commercial space. For example, a janitorial service can come in on a regular basis to remove allergens like dust mites from carpets and upholstery using specialized vacuums that can trap these allergens before they spread throughout your office.

Similarly, disinfectants are great for removing germs and bacteria from surfaces like desks, chairs, tables, and other furniture pieces that are commonly touched by employees throughout their day.

Utilize Natural Air Fresheners

Some people don’t realize that synthetic air fresheners can actually cause health problems. Synthetic air fresheners use chemicals to mask odors, and unfortunately, some of these chemicals have been linked to allergies, headaches, asthma attacks, and other respiratory issues. The best thing you can do to improve indoor air quality is to avoid synthetic fragrances and use natural scents instead.

A great place to start is with your plants! Plants are a great way to naturally purify your air while also adding a little color and life into your space. Try placing plants near any windows where they will receive plenty of sunlight. Not only will they boost your office’s air quality but they will boost your employee’s morale.

You can also utilize essential oils and a diffuser to freshen up your office’s air. Essential oils are natural compounds extracted from plants that have been shown to reduce stress, boost mood, alleviate pain, and sometimes help fight illness. Diffusers use ultrasonic technology to break down the essential oil into tiny particles that are then dispersed into your space. This will add a pleasant scent to your commercial space without adding allergy-inducing chemicals into the air.

Utilize a Humidifier or Dehumidifier

Humidifiers and dehumidifiers are powerful tools that can help improve your indoor air quality. Depending on your climate and the weather, you can use one of these tools to improve your space’s air quality.

A humidifier adds moisture to dry air, which prevents excessively dry air in your office. In the winter months when heat is being blasted through the office, the air tends to get dryer. This is the optimal time to use a humidifier. Employees spend a significant amount of time in the office, and dry air contributes to asthma, dry skin, dehydration, and irritated eyes.

A dehumidifier pulls excess moisture out of a room. If you live in a damp area, or if mold starts growing in your commercial space, consider purchasing one. Damp air can lead to mold or mildew growth, pests, damaged electronics, and the overall decrease in the longevity of your building.

Get An Air Purifier

One of the best ways to increase your quality of indoor air, and therefore boost your productivity, health, and overall happiness at work, is to get a high-quality air purifier. By removing pollution from your environment—such as dust particles, allergens like pet dander and pollen, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are emitted by various items in your office—you can remove common stressors that can lead to asthma or allergies.

HEPA air filters are a great choice, as they can remove 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns—which is about 1/30th of human hair—from your indoor environment. This type of air filter is the most beneficial and effective for improving your office’s air quality.

Invest in a Professional Commercial Cleaning Company

You’re ready to take your business to new heights, and that means welcoming a new set of challenges. One of these challenges will be keeping your workplace clean and safe for both employees and guests alike. A thorough, professional commercial cleaning service can help you do just that.
Whether you have a small office or large headquarters, a commercial cleaning company can greatly reduce costs associated with equipment maintenance and supply purchases while making your workspace healthier and safer for everyone who passes through it every day.

Investing in a commercial cleaning service or janitorial services is the best choice you can make to improve your office’s overall health and safety, including indoor air quality.

FlowerHill Facility Services offers commercial cleaning
and janitorial services for your commercial business in the North Richland Hills and Fort Worth, Texas areas. Call today at 817-422-4740 or visit to take the first steps in improving your office space and your employee’s well-being.


Cleaning Technician Safety

Safety, not only in the workplace but anywhere, is the most important aspect of being an employee. Keeping your safety in mind should be your main priority throughout the workday; not just because it’s the law, but because it will keep you safe and healthy, both mentally and physically. Keep reading to learn more about employee safety in the commercial cleaning industry.


5 Most Common Types of Worker Injuries

Whether you’re a janitorial company or an office manager, you want to make sure your cleaning technicians stay safe on their jobs. Here are five of the most common causes of injury in any cleaning job.

  1. Slips, trips, and falls – Cleaning chemicals and water can cause slippery floors; stairs and ladders can cause falls; long hours on feet often result in back strain. If a worker’s job involves any of these conditions, provide safety equipment and be sure to pay attention to their safety on the job site.
  2. Cuts and punctures – Just about anything sharp can do damage to the skin; ladders are notorious for having loose nails and screws. Tools and equipment used for cleaning – mops, brooms, floor buffers, vacuums – can be extremely dangerous if not handled properly.
  3. Eye, face, or ear injuries – Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) is critical for a cleaning technician in certain circumstances; making sure they know which personal protection gear is necessary for different jobs is crucial.
  4. Chemical exposure injuries – Many cleaning agents are potentially hazardous if inhaled or ingested; when handling these chemicals, it’s especially important to be sure no one has cuts on their hands or anywhere else in contact with a fresh wound. It’s also crucial for the employee to wear necessary personal protective equipment such as gloves to protect their skin from contact with the chemical.
  5. Heat-related injuries –Working in hot conditions is hard enough; working on a tall ladder or moving quickly while carrying heavy equipment only increases the risk of heat exhaustion and/or stroke.


4 Hazards to be Aware of

As a cleaning technician, you can expect to work with a variety of chemicals and other potential hazards every day. While you likely wear some type of protective clothing when performing your job duties, there are four main cleaning-related hazards that could harm your health if not handled correctly. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Chemicals – Many cleaning products contain hazardous chemicals that can irritate eyes, skin, and lungs when accidentally inhaled or ingested. If possible, wear gloves and a mask to help prevent exposure; you should also never leave these chemicals unattended and open for an extended period of time.
  2. Power Tools – Using power tools for any job can pose some risks. Tools such as floor buffers, polishers, and pressure washers all create fine dust particles which are extremely hazardous if inhaled or ingested. They are also usually heavy and bulking, adding an additional challenge for the cleaning technicians. Almost all power tools or cleaning tools come with training & safety manuals that are important to learn for your safety.
  3. Heavy Equipment – Lifting furniture, carpets, and other large pieces of equipment can be a normal part of cleaning work; however, it’s important to take extra precautions when doing so. Always lift using your legs, not your back. If you experience any pain or discomfort while lifting, speak with a supervisor immediately before continuing with your duties.
  4. Stairs & Ladders – Many jobs require cleaning services to work on or around stairs, which can present significant safety hazards if not done correctly. If you must use a ladder, ensure that it is stable and firmly in place before climbing up; also remember to always wear gloves, footwear, and a protective helmet when using ladders.


10 Tips for Cleaner Safety

It’s true, there are some dangers that come with any profession. Yet working as a cleaning technician comes with some added safety concerns because of how you work and move around in your business setting. It’s important to remember that your safety is not only crucial to you, but also to your clients and coworkers. Here are 10 tips for cleaner safety.

  1. Footwear – Always make sure you’re wearing closed-toed shoes and avoid heels of any kind when at work, especially if you’re working on ladders or doing any type of floor cleaning. Make sure your footwear provides good traction; it could be a life-saver if a coworker loses their footing in a slippery area while they’re helping you out with a job.
  2. Hand Protection – Wear gloves at all times. Yes, there are risks with wearing gloves as well, but many cleaning chemicals will cause permanent damage to your skin if you don’t wear them, so always be sure to have a pair on hand and wear them whenever appropriate. Be sure to get high-quality ones that won’t tear easily or leave residue behind when you take them off—you want to avoid any type of oil build-up on your hands from wearing these gloves for extended periods of time!
  3. Eye Protection – Always wear eye protection when using chemical products or cleaning chemicals that can splash or create fumes. Many common household chemicals can cause immediate damage to your eyes; avoid contact at all costs. This type of damage cannot be reversed, so always wear goggles when in doubt about what you are handling and don’t take risks.
  4. Be Aware – Make sure you’re aware of all nearby hazards, including vents and exposed wires or cables that could pose a risk to your safety. Be sure to take a look at the area before beginning work so you can see what’s in front of you and what’s going on behind you as well—you don’t want any surprises while working in an environment that’s unfamiliar!
  5. Know Your Limits – Never try to push yourself too hard physically. You know your limits better than anyone else, and if it feels like you’re reaching them at any point during a job then stop immediately and ask for help from someone else who is around or come back another time when you have enough time to get everything done without getting injured. Your physical health is absolutely crucial!
  6. Skin Reactions – Check your body for any signs of an allergic reaction before it’s too late. There are many cleaning chemicals that can cause an allergic reaction or chemical reaction if you come into contact with them, so make sure you check your skin regularly and wash up immediately after a job to avoid any issues later on!
  7. Eyes Open – Keep your eyes on what you’re doing at all times. This one may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important!
  8. Know Procedures – Make sure your employees are using proper safety precautions as well. Business owner or cleaning tech, you’re responsible for ensuring you are not only aware of what they should be doing when working in an office setting, but also that they’re comfortable with their cleaning procedures and know exactly what they need to do at all times so they don’t put themselves or anyone else in danger!
  9. Communicate – Whether you’re in charge of leading your team or just a regular employee, it’s important to be able to communicate effectively with everyone around you—if there’s a problem and people aren’t speaking up, then mistakes are bound to happen!
  10. First Aid Kit – Make sure you keep a first aid kit nearby at all times, especially when you’re at work and away from home. You never know when someone is going to get hurt in an unexpected way—so it’s good to be prepared!


Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

For commercial cleaning services, it’s vital to keep employees safe. Make sure your cleaning staff always wears appropriate safety gear. Provide them with training so they know what to do in case of an emergency and can handle any situation that may arise. It’s also important to include a good employee handbook in your company policy to ensure all employees are following rules and regulations surrounding safety procedures.

FlowerHill Facility Services ensures employees are trained and informed on safety while on the commercial cleaning or janitorial service job site. If you are seeking a commercial cleaning company for your business with employees that know safety procedures and are trained thoroughly, call FlowerHill Facility Services at (817) 422-4740 or visit

If you are a cleaning technician seeking a job in commercial cleaning or janitorial services with a company that cares about your safety and trains you thoroughly, visit to apply today!

FlowerHill Facility services the North Richland Hills, Texas area, including Keller, Southlake, Colleyville, Fort Worth, and Roanoke for all of your commercial and janitorial cleaning needs.